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How Dancing With Dads Began...

My daughters and I have done a few ballroom dance recitals.  No, we're not that good and we have not taken years of lessons.  But, we always enjoy dancing when we carve out time to do it.  A few years ago, when my daughter Celia was 8, she stated in the backseat of the car the phrase... "Dancing with Dads!"  We both kind of looked at each other and realized it was a pretty cool phrase! She was describing how much fun it was to "dance with Daddy" and how other Dads and daughters should do the same.  Our conversation then led to, what about doing some type of event that could encourage more Dads and their daughters to dance?  "Dancing with Dads" was formed!  The great thing, 100% of net proceeds will go direct to a local charity, and this year, proceeds will go to Children's Cancer Fund (CCF) of Dallas.  

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Founders, John and his daughter Celia

I love this picture and the beautiful smile my daughter has.  The picture also seems to indicate we actually know what we are doing!  Many dance moves may "look" somewhat technical but are often very easy to execute with a little coaching.

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